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Recipient: Förderkreis Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne e. V.
Sparkasse Mittelthüringen
IBAN: DE08 8205 1000 0600 1322 00

Appeal for donations: The Topf & Sons Place of Remembrance – An important project for Erfurt!

On the society’s initiative, citizens of Erfurt formulated an appeal to the public for financial support for the Place of Remembrance: Katrin Göring-Eckardt, vice-president of the Deutscher Bundestag; Carsten Schneider, member of the Deutscher Bundestag; Wolfgang M. Nossen, chairman of the Jüdische Landesgemeinde Thüringen; Elfriede Begrich, regional bishop; Prof. Dr. Jürgen Manemann, Universität Erfurt, Catholic-theological faculty; Prof. em. Alf Lüdtke; Prof. Dr.-Ing. et Dr. phil. habil. Alfred Kirpal, Technische Universität Ilmenau, technology and economic history; PD Dr. Alexander Thumfart, Universität Erfurt, political science faculty; Burghard Kreft, federal labour court judge in Erfurt; Norbert Schneider (†), Dipl. Ing. (FH), former technical draughtsman with Topf & Sons; Dr. Annegret Schüle, commissioner of the city of Erfurt for the conception of the Topf & Sons Place of Remembrance.

They describe the importance of the Topf & Sons Place of Remembrance as follows:

At this site, not only remembrance is to be made possible, but above all historically informed questioning and contemplation. For as we have learned through the study of and critical confrontation with culture and civilization, responsible social action and the shaping of the present and future in all areas of society is closely connected with the ability to be disconcerted and provoked. The confrontation with Topf & Sons as a very special part of recent German history is intended to – and will – provoke thought as a means of promoting a humane and democratic culture through remembrance and keeping that culture alive. We are of the opinion that this is a responsibility borne by every one of us. For all of these reasons, the above-mentioned national as well as a unique European significance and relevance is to be attributed to the planned Topf & Sons Place of Remembrance. In order to realize this project, it should be added, many shoulders and helpers are necessary. (…) This support can take very different forms. Individual measures can be financed and fostered, for example the establishment of a library at the site, or the furnishing of the exhibition and learning spaces. Naturally, support can be provided for individual projects with youth groups or the organization of conferences and scholarly forums. Backing can also be of a more permanent nature. For example, financial participation can ensure the long-term existence of employment positions or the coverage of costs for material. A one-time donation to this end is also conceivable.

The appeal for donations was published before the opening of the Topf & Sons Place of Remembrance on 27 January 2011. The information about the signers was updated in January 2017.