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Questions and answers on the web code

What is the web code?

The web code is an alphanumerical combination which is automatically assigned on a once-off basis for every website of Erfurt.de and all website portals like this website. For example: ts127927.

How can I read the web code?

The web code for this page is "ts127927". The letters "ts" refer to websites of the www.topfundsoehne.de portal. Other municipal portals that support this new service have different combinations of letters, for example "ef" for Erfurt.de.

How can I use the web code?

As the web code is a clear alphanumerical combination and one such code exists for every website, we use it in print publications to refer to further information.

Thus if you find the reference web code "ts127927" in individual articles of the official gazette of the state capital, you can enter it in the search field of the www.topfundsoehne.de website to search for it.

The result is exactly the website with the web code, and you quickly access the further information. The advantage is that you don't have to remember long address data.

Give it a try!

What is the difference between the web code and a short URL?

The short URLs for Erfurt.de and the website portals are short, subject-related addresses and are always entered directly in the address line of a browser in the form www.erfurt.de/presse. This takes you directly to the subject, here for example: "press".

A list of the short addresses (URLs) can be found in the sitemap of the website.