Web dialogue "International Dialogue Crime and Responsibility: Remembering for the 21st Century"

01.11.2015 12:33

Hear the answers of Auschwitz-survivor Éva Fahidi-Pusztai and participate in a dialogue across national and cultural boundaries.

In consequence, what steps must we take for a common future?

The most important insight Mattis and Johannis gained from the encounter with Éva Fahidi-Pusztai is "that we have to form our own opinions, and not blindly follow others". In their post, they come to the conclusion: "We must not simply follow the crowds that demonstrate against refugees. We have to think for ourselves and act humanely."

Video: Web dialogue: opening speech Eva Fahidi-Pusztai © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt / Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne