Web dialogue: Response of Annika, Katharina und Lena-Marie

20.08.2016 12:39

The German pupils Annika, Lena-Marie and Katharina phrased their response in an audio-visual collage after participating in a two-week summer camp with German and Polish teenagers in Oświęcim/Auschwitz in August 2016.

In consequence, what steps must we take for a common future?

For these three, the most important consequence is to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive in Europe, and espouse the cause of reconciliation and peace between nations as embodied by the European Union and the United Nations. Yet every individual also bears responsibility – for civil courage and humanity in everyday life.

Video: Webdialog: Annika, Katharina und Lena-Marie © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt / Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne